“Ordering Mobile Arm Supports for Patients has always been a pain of mine. I’ve always found mounting the support systems to wheelchairs a time consuming process that is not always easilyIMG_0225 completed. Throughout the years  I have worked with a variety of Vendors; majority of them know little about mounting and setting up the device. Since working with Scott of Functional Abilities these challenges are no longer an issue.  His knowledge and expertise extends beyond any Vendor I have worked with. He makes the process easy and takes the anxiety away. My Patients have also expressed how nice it is to work with someone who inspires them to continue to work  towards their goals.  I recommend Scott of  Functional Abilites to other Therapist and Patients for the wonderful level of customer service he provides.”

Sherry Turner, OTR/L
Shepherd Center


“The WREX has been nothing short of life changing for Sophia, a 6 year old diagnosed with Arthrogryposis with limited movement in her upper extremities. As an Occupational Therapist, the ultimate goal for each patient is always independence. It has been a pleasure to watch a little girl go from being completely dependent on those around her for all activities in her daily life, to having the freedom to write and feed herself without assistance. As thankful as I have been to be working with Sophia and the WREX, I am most thankful for the time and efforts of Scott Scobey to ensure an incredible experience for all. Not only has he made Sophia feel comfortable utilizing the WREX, he educated our staff and has made several trips to NY to personally guide us through the individual needs of Sophia and other children receiving rehabilitation services who can also benefit from the WREX system. He has even been in contact with Sophia’s school to help them use the WREX in the classroom. What a difference Scott and the WREX have made in our lives! I look forward to using the WREX with many more children in the future and am comforted and confident that Scott will be there to support us along the way. I honestly can’t imagine what Sophia’s life would be like without the WREX and the help of Scott Scobey. We are so grateful!”

Janeen Gleason,
Occupational Therapist, St. Mary’s Hospital for Children


We appreciate [Scott] bringing Cheryl her second Mobile Arm Support. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who is more concerned about helping his clients, than trying to sell something. [His] enthusiasm about how to best help [his] clients and  knowledge about [his] products are a great combination to create a successful result for your clients.

Jay Binkley