Evaluation Process

We think the world needs more happy people, and in our small way are trying to bring this about by actually evaluating potential users of our devices versus shipping them out after a telephone conversation.  IMG_0190The evaluation is designed to match an individual’s goals with his functional abilities, living environment, caregiver support, and funding in order to determine the best product for the best possible outcome.

We also believe that before you buy it, you first need to try it.  For this reason we conduct a physical trial of the devices with the end user to help determine which one works best.  We can either do this in the client’s home or in a clinical setting, but in both cases we want the primary caregiver and the client’s occupational or physical therapist present and involved.  (If the client is seeking insurance reimbursement the therapist involvement will most likely be required by the insurance company)

When this has been completed and funding issues have been resolved, we order, arrange delivery and install the device.  During delivery we go over the individual goals again and try to set reasonable expectations along with a plan to attain them.  In following this process we hopefully ensure more positive outcomes, exceeded expectations, and more people doing more stuff!